Host is crashing when editing object placement

Using Repetier-Host version 2.1.3 on Ubuntu 18.04

I am adding 3 equal objects, and after manually placing them with the Move Object tool, then tunning their positions manually removing (truncating) the decimal numbers makes the Repetier-Host crash when always when editing the second object. It usually happens on "Y:" input field.

"Help > Check Updates"  also makes the app crash.

I am using this: Repetier-Host-x86_64-2.1.3.AppImage


  • Check update is clear. Will test when I work on the update.

    Why rounding to full mm? Computers do not care for them. If it is for multicolor you should just group them.
  • Ok have found the check update problem and fixed it.
    For the value change I think I have fixed it as well plus some other things.
    Update will come tomorrow I think.
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