which download ?

hi, raw thick newbie, retired and lost wife looking to expand my hobby building to 3d printing. how do one know which program o load from the choice given, I did not think this would be so involved, I have a cheap tronxy printer but will get a orginal prusa mk3 when  I have a clue how to understand the gibber languge, thank you gary 


  • There are 3 steps possibly involving different software.
    1. Model creation requires a cad or 3d design software or you download them e.g. from thingiverse.com
    2. Convert model into gcode. Done by slicers.
    3. Send gcode to printer.

    3 is best done with Repetier-Server which works like a background process and allows monitoring print status remotely. Also supports connecting multiple printers to the same pc.

    For 2 I'd start with Repetier-Host. It contains several slicers and can natively connect to Repetier-Server to print. Could also print with without server, but we do not see that as best solution, especially not with 2 printers as it can only handle one printer at a time. But you can start it several times, but that is not needed.
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