Alfawise U30

I just bought an Alfawise U30.  It is intended to be driven by Repetier-Host.
I just read that for the moment, piloting is simply possible by Repetier-Server.
So I have two requests:
1) do you think you can include serial port control in Repetier? I admit I'd miss it so much if I can't drive my printer by Repetier!
2) Could you give the exact procedure to configure Repetier- Host and Server to control the machine? I have tried many things but without success.
Thank you for your help and answer.
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  • 1) What exactly do you mean. Both host and server use mainly serial connection for printer connection.
    2) Configure server to connect with settings you should have in your had book of printer. In host select Repetier-Server connector. When you select it there is a help button with detailed tutorial on how to connect host to server.
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