Okay so I am trying to setup a RPi 3 w/ 7" touchscreen with Full size RAMBo board preflashed with marlin. I can not get the printer to connect, I have internet connection on the Pi. Please can someone explain to me HOW to get this working I just spent $90 USD on pro so i can have the touchscreen option and cant get this to work


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    First of all, what did you try to do? 
    Did you try to add the printer via the TouchUI? You can only add the printer via the WebUI.
  • So do I have to connect the usb cable directly to a pc to add the printer ? Im on the IP local page and the printer seems to be connecting and disconnecting, does this sound like a wifi problem or something else
  • there is also no manual tab to move it
  • Connect printer to pi directly, not to a pc! If I understand the touchscreen is working, but you do not connect to printer right?

    RAMBO has the odd behaviour that is powers usb connection over usb but not processor. So in normal browser gui when setting up printer ensure the printer has also main power selected. Select firmware marlin or connection will not work. Select port it offers and correct baud rate and connection should work. In printer configuration you can also select that port is visible even if firmware is not running. That will prevent showing the failed connection retries when main power is off.

    If that does not help, please describe exactly what you have configured and what happens so we have a chance to see where you did go wrong.
  • So I connect the RPi directly to the Rambo then log on to local host from pc to set all this up because the RPi touchscreen doesn't give me the option of printer ?
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    OK I reloaded the Rpi with the .img file again hooked it up no go into the browser GUI (from another pc?) to set up printer. Doing this I do NOT see any option to select "main power on" only software power and its already on. The firmware is selected as Marlin. It is stuck on waiting for connection. I entered my ip and have tried nothing will connect and know the RPi is connected because it let me register the cd key.

    Please advise on what to do next or if i am doing something wrong
  • On your pc you need to call the server instance of the pi. On touch display you see the possible IPs in settings->Network. It does not help checking the server with localhost - that shows a instance on your pc instead.

    Then check a the port is correct. There are manny ports on linux but only is correct. If you in config click on ports you see all available port. The right one is that, that vanishes if you unplug printer. Since you know firmware already I assume you have set it right. Then only baud rate may be wrong. Also look at the connection sign color. If it is gray the printer is deactivated and won't try to connect. Red mean unconnected but will try to connect. Green is connected. if it is green you can call the console and enable ACK and send a test command
    and should get a response in screen below. Then you know connection is really good and you can proceed.
  • Did you get this working? I have this setup working and would be happy to help.. though I suspect I know you from the MPCNC FB Group and may of helped you already? :-D

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