Core XY Printer Issue

I am running Repetier server on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I have a Prusa MK3 and a Hypercube Evolution Core XY printer connected to the Pi. The Hypercube Evolution is running Marlin 2.0 on a ReArm/RAMPS combo. The issue that I am having is when I go print with the Hypercube Evolution it will go through all the startup gcode. It will preheat the nozzle and bed, align the bed, level the bed, heat up to print temp and then it will move to the starting point to start printing and it just stops. I am trying to figure out where to start looking for the issue.


  • What is your buffer size? Try 127 bytes. Haven't had any problems with 127 byte buffers, with 63 it might be too small to add the emergency buffer. Not sure about it, but that might be a reason.
  • Just looked into the code and emergency buffer does not prevent longer commands to be send as long as they fit into buffer. So what are your communication settings and can you post the log where it happens. Please use real log so it contains everything.

    Please also see what


    Displays important communication variables.


    Send this to log extended communication behavior. Send it again to stop it.

    have to say about the situation.

  • It is set to 127
  • Ok, so show us the log where it happens and the debug results. Maybe I get then an idea what is going wrong.
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