Disable console auto-scroll

Hi there,

Request: Disable console output auto-scroll to bottom, if window / textarea has been scrolled up by user (aka user has scrolled in textarea)

I know its possible to pause log, but sometimes it would be nice just to scroll up, and read the log, and prevent the window keep focusing back to bottom again when new content is added. (very annoying)

New content should still be added to bottom of textara (if log not is paused), and auto-scroll should be enabled again, when user scroll to bottom. Optionel an indicator showing what auto-scroll is enabled/disabled.

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  • Due to speed limits the console only shows the last I think 1000 lines filtered. As a result even if I not scroll down the next would move up over time. That is the reason I added the pause so I can concentrate on what I'm reading. This stops adding/removing lines and hence the div stays stable containing the log. Will test how it feels without autoscroll enabled and then decide.
  • Thanks for getting back, and I understand that.

    Sometimes it is handy to send same command again, to see the current stats/changes (like M122). However, in that case, you need to set 'pause log' til false, send command, set 'pause log' to true again.. and then repeat each time new data is required. 

    I still think the disable auto-scroll / not focus to bottom would be a neat way to do it. It could be an easy and intuitive way to semi-'pause' the scrolling.
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