Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.

I can not print with repetier server, while printing stops everything, 
reading the log file I found this error. I state that I use MarlinKimbra ver 4.3.6, 
but before I did the firmware update of repetier everything worked properly.

< 12:02:28.726: N5453 G1 X72.482 Y160.626 E347.44335
> 12:02:28.737: ok N5452 P0 B3
< 12:02:28.737: N5454 G1 X87.64 Y145.926 E348.18076
> 12:02:28.770: ok N5453 P0 B2
< 12:02:28.770: N5455 G1 X87.978 Y145.598 E348.19721
< 12:02:29.186: N5456 M105
> 12:03:00.191: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
> 12:03:00.191: Connection status: Buffered:94, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 5000
> 12:03:00.191: Buffer used:94 Enforced free byte:41 lines stored:3
< 12:03:00.191: N5457 M105
< 12:03:00.192: M117 Layer 3/75
< 12:03:00.192: N5458 M105
< 12:03:00.192: N5459 G1 X87.978 Y146.068 E348.20606
< 12:03:01.194: N5460 M105
> 12:03:32.197: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
> 12:03:32.198: Connection status: Buffered:99, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 5000
> 12:03:32.198: Buffer used:99 Enforced free byte:39 lines stored:5
< 12:03:32.198: N5461 M105
< 12:03:32.198: M117 ETA 15:01:39 day 28
< 12:03:32.198: N5462 M105
< 12:03:32.199: N5463 G1 X87.978 Y146.07 E348.20613


  • Hard to say. It's clear that until
    12:02:29.186: N5456 M105
    everything was ok and from that point firmware did not return anything causing the timeouts. All you see is what server sends based on timeout, but no no response. Maybe there is a bug in the new Marlin version? If you play back old version it works again?
  • I explained myself badly, sorry , update refers to repetier.
  • What is your buffer size set for serial communication? If Marlin states Cap:EMERGENCY_PARSER:1 it will now reduce used buffer to save some byte for emergency. So if you have 63 as buffer length or less it might cause a problem that next command does not fit. On the other side then it could not say it send the command. 127 buffer size should work without problems. Printed many hours with that setting.

    Does this happen every time? There is always the chance the serial driver somehow crashes/hangs partly.

    If you are using 127 already and it happens frequently, please try ping-pong mode. Works a bit different and slower, but it could maybe help deciding where the problem happens.
  • I have resolved problem , i change firmware marlinkimbra to ver 4.3.5 and now it is OK. First i used ver 4.3.6.
  • Ok, so maybe a bug in 4.3.6.
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