Temp/WebCam toggle disappears after adding 5th printer

Repetier-Server Pro v0.91.2 running on Windows 10, we had this working great with 4 printers.  On the Home/Dashboard we had the buttons on the top right to toggle between Temperature or WebCam.  As soon as we add a 5th printer, those buttons disappear and we can only view Temp graphs on the Home page.  When we delete the 5th printer, those buttons appear again.

Is this by design?  Is there a concern with more than 4 webcam streams being displayed in the Home page?



  • Yes it is by design. Reason is that most browsers limit parallel downloads from a website. Technically a mjpg stream is such a download that never ends. So with more webcams you would not be able to use the app any more, so we disable it to keep it operable.
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