have slicer setting an repetier-server

Hello again,

as repetier srever is running quiete nice for me (and the features requests are on a high level) i would like to add the following,

as it is possible now to acess the printer from many various devices it would be very nice not to have different slicer settings on different divices. it would be great to have them stored (and accesible) somewhere on the server (so also sum dumb guys like me can acess it with poor linux knowledge)

if this would be also implemented in repetier host it would be super easy. i know that there should be that online-slicing posibillity, but i am no fan of this as it can make trouble with some sensitive data (for print jobs) or if you have a shit internet connection (like me) it is a pain in the ass...



  • Slicing will come. First on target device and then on remote devices in your local network on faster computers. The online slicing is for the lazy and will be last and only if you choose to. All 3 variants will use the settings stored on the server. 
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