Printer wont print perimeter

My 3d printer wont print the perimeter, I use Repetier Host And use cura engine. I cant figure out why it wont print it, HELP PLEASE!


  • When you say it won't print the perimeter, what do you mean?

    When my (glass) bed was slightly too high, the extruder ran round it so close that nothing really came out.  So it tried, but there was no material on the glass.  I also found that my prints had fairly heavy flared bottom edges, which was all solved by recalibration and adding a small Z offset into the 'begin print' gcode.

    I'm using Slic3r but had the same results with Cura - in my case it was a hardware issue.

    Now, my prints are correct sized all the way to the bottom, which I didn't think I would ever see before making the switch from the original XYZware firmware to Repetier 0.92.
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