He3di3 3in 1out won't print from center of the bed

Hi there i am new here. well known with single extruders and Merlin firmware but new to Repetier firmware.
All my prints start at the left corner of the bed and and can't seem to adjust the settings on the Eeprom


  • Make sure host and firmware use same coordinates. Normally left fron is 0,0 and right is xLength. But it is also possible to change that changing xmin in firmware or bed left/front in host.

    In host you see the big dot on the bed which indicates 0,0 which should make it easy to see which coordinate system is not as expected.
  • when i turn on the printer and connect it to the program the coordinates are copied from the mainboard but it can't be moved and every time i turn on the printer in home position i see other coordinates on the screen of repetier host.
    and when i am using the home button in repetier host it goes back to the same direction but with different coordinates. i was hoping there is a simple solution, like bringing X,Y and Z to the desired position and then call it HOME so only measurements of the printer have to be filled in to the eeprom and  "There you go"
  • Homing is an important part to get reliable positions. You should enable log and home and then send M114 to see where firmware think you are. Send G1 Xpos Ypos Zpos to see where firmware things that is.

    Under some conditions you can also move unhomed if have allowed it and move away from 0 and endstops do not trigger or you do not leave printer volume. After a G1 S1 you can move all around without checks if endstops do not forbid it (test with M119) . 

    Check also values in eeprom, especially min coordinates and length of axis, steps per mm, acceleration, jerk, max feedrate. Wrong values there can cause unexpected results.
  • i have tried all of your suggestions but every time i change the values for example Xpos from -60.000 to +60.000 it keeps going to the same position eventhough it shows different on the Eeprom.
  • Please describe it better. Why should moving head change eeprom for example. Eeprom stores limits and when you change them you need to home to make changes effective. Then move. I still have no idea which coordinates you want to have and what you have set where to get them. Nor do I know what your tests revealed.
  • the coordinates of HOME on the 3d printer are different from the ones set in Repetier when connected to the 3d printer. There is a difference of 60mm on the X pos. when i HOME on the Printer the X pos is straight in the middle but on Repetier it is 60mm to the left of the HEATBED.
    after testing i set them back because they didn't make any difference what so ever
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