Oops I lost my connection error

Hi Repetier,
               I am using repetier server version 0.90.7 on raspberry pi , my computer & raspi is connected using single LAN cable, many time I upload the G-code & disconnect the LAN cable after uploading it. In the mids of the print the display shows oops I lost my connection & printer stops printing at 90 % of print & there is no way to resume it.Would like to know what exactly the error & how can I resolve it ?


  • Normally it is just a communication problem and reconnects without troubles. Even if wlan drops completely print would continue. If it also stops printing the server might hang or be crashed. As a first solution upgrade to 0.91.2 so all known bugs are removed.

    If it still happens and you are on a linux system 
    describes how to send us a report so we can see what is happening if it is a crash.
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