User defined Column on print Website

on my mind it would be great to have some user defined columns on the print website.
actually it´s not possible for me to sort e.g. by the nozzle diamater.

So in my opinion it would be great to have the chance to define user defined coulmns.
filling the information for the column should be configurable by a search string from the gcode.

so configuration for Nozzle Diameter needed:
Name of column: Nozzle
search sting: '; nozzle_diameter = '
default if not found: -1

and filling the it at the moment on uploading the gcode.
if not found the search string in the gcode, insert the default parameter :)

The problem is, that i change nozzle diameters some times. and could not be remeber witch gcode file is for witch nozzle.

And so it is possible to show alle information needed in the print website thats included in the gcode.
Du to the fact that repetier host is including all parameters at the end of the gcode, we could show all parameters directly.

thanks for your reply. ;)


  • That is way to specialized for a general function. It means you only have one nozzle and always use the slicer with that output and for that you want to scan gcodes.

    What I added for 0.91.3 is that you can put manually notes (already implemented) and filter by text in notes. Currently filter is only over file name.

    An other solution is to use groups for different nozzle sizes when uploading.

    Maybe I can teach server in future about nozzle sizes for different slicers. Might be nice if we can add warnings based on wrong sizes if you select active nozzle sizes for printer as well. But that is a bigger feature, so have to leave that for later.
  • nozzle size would only a example.
    other might have other parameters to show in user defined columns.

    But user notes are cool. i think this could help. groups are used to sort by theme. e.g. christmas and easter parts and so on. ;)

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