Can't configure Anycubic i3 mega in the server

I'm having this issue: after installing the server on Windows 10 computer everything is working, but only to the point when I'm trying to add the printer. I'm getting green "connected" message, then "fetching firmware data" shows up and the server just dies.
Any thoughts on this one?


  • Seems like a bug in server. Could reproduce this so will test and fix it for 0.91.2 which then will come very fast.

    After restart of server it should be visible and you can configure it manually in printer settings I hope. At least I had no problems with my existing printers so hope that is a temporary solution. Think tomorrow I will have the updated version available.
  • Thanks. Editing printer's xml file worked :)
  • Good. Also now 0.91.2 is available which fixes the issue as well:-)
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