Unable to export large ZIP compilation of time-lapse

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Hello everybody, first sorry for my bad English :p

I'm trying to export a zip folder of one of my time-lapse and nothing append. On a smaller time-lapse (Avg 1020 picture it takes time, but it's working). But on this project (1851 pictures) every time I try to export all pictures as zip it's looks like it's loading but after some time the message "waiting" on the bottom of Firefox disappears and nothing append (like a timeout).

Does anyone encounter the same issue. There is an other solution to simply get this image or to move it on a USB drive?

ps : i'm using repetier server pro 0.91.0 on a raspberry pi 3



  • Server creates first the zip and then starts the download, so you need enough free disk space for the zip. Is that granted?

    You can also run top when doing that to see if server memory usage increases, but i think the library for zipping does not hold it in memory so size should be no problem.

    Over ssh you can just copy the files. They are all in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/<slug>/timelapse folder.
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