Falsche Extruderhöhe bei Druckbeginn

Dear Friends!
Now I have assembled my GEEETECH i3 per C and created the Gcode with Repetier Host and SLIC3. Home Axis is the starting position.
The printer starts with the heating of the bed, drives up the extruder and starts heating the extruders!
Once the desired temperature is reached, the extruders are driven over the position of the bed and the printing process begins.

 The problem is that the extruders do not take my measured distance from the bed, but generally about 3mm larger! No pressure is possible like that!
What is it because of?
Who can help me.
Thank you very much 


  • Run
    G1 Z0

    and check height. If that is wrong your endstop is not adjusted correct. If printer uses a z probe for homing the distance for it is not calibrated correct.

    In gcode preview you would see if the gcode generated has a 3mm gap, which I do not really believe.
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