Repetier-Server not reporting temp's from CR-10S Pro

I just hooked up a new Creality CR-10S Pro and the extruder and bed temp's are not seen by Repetier-Server. The string is coming off printer malformed: Note the "=="...

0:04:23.751: ==T:209.38 /210.00 ==B:68.47 /68.00 @:66 B@:0
0:04:24.743: ==T:209.38 /210.00 ==B:68.45 /68.00 @:66 B@:0

I realize this is an issue with the manufacture / firmware but am looking for a temporary fix. This issue can be corrected in Octopi with the plugin script below. I'm wondering if I can do something simmer in Repetier-Server 

# coding=utf-8

import octoprint.plugin
import re

class CrealityTemperatureFixPlugin(octoprint.plugin.OctoPrintPlugin):
	def log(self, comm_instance, line, *args, **kwargs):
		if re.match("^(ok)?\s*==T", line):
			fix = re.sub("==", "", line)
			return fix
		return line

__plugin_name__ = "Creality Temperature Fix"
def __plugin_load__():
	global __plugin_implementation__
	__plugin_implementation__ = CrealityTemperatureFixPlugin()

	global __plugin_hooks__
	__plugin_hooks__ = {
		"octoprint.comm.protocol.gcode.received": __plugin_implementation__.log


  • Server is written in C++ for improved speed, but that unfortunately prevents adding a hotfix to this problem.

    But we are aware of the problem and hopefully have it fixed correctly for next update coming quite soon.

    That said, the printer will still work and printing works none the less except functions relating on reported temperature (heater wizard, rescue system). Only visible temperature is not correct.
  • Thanks you for the quick reply!
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