Send commands from windows powershell

Hi Repetier

Is it possible to send commands from windows powershell scripts to repetier server?

The situation is this:
I'm printing fluids and have pressure sensors measuring the pressure near the nozzle.
A software running on the same PC repetier server runs, monitors the pressure and above a certain value, I'd like to send a killswitch command to repetier server.

I looked at external commands. That triggers OS scripts from gcode or server console/menus.
What I'm looking is the opposite way: OS scripts that trigger server commands.

Any idea?


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    I found a solution.
    Kill the repetierserver process with a PowerShell ISE script.
    Works fine. Solved.
  • Not very elegant to kill server:-)
    We have a web api see docs on our homepage. You can use that with curl to tell server to kill running job. That makes server survive the stop.
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