Issue connecting to WiFi AP using the web GUI off the Pi Image V14 (Pro 0.91.0)

Seems like it's happening to me as well for some reason...  I have a very stable Access Point and when I try to use the Repetier-Server web GUI to connect to said AP it does the following (note:to set all this up I have my LAN connected)...
  • Shows all the APs I have set up
    I created a few for testing other things, 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, ap name "TESTING_123", ap name "TESTING", security WPA2/PSK TKIP+AES
  • I click on the AP I want to use (SSID: TESTING, WPA2/PSK TKIP+AES).
  • I select Auth method: PSK2
  • Type in my password.
  • Hit "Save"
  • "New connection data stored" message apears.
  • Hit "Connect"
  • After about 20-30 seconds some type of popup flashes for about half a second (can't see what it says) but looks like some type of red circle with a slash through it possibly?
  • After about 5-10 more seconds a message in blue at the top appears "Unconnected".  Then about 5 seconds later it disappears.
  • Goes back into AP mode as SSID "RepetierServer".


  • Just figured it out.  I'm not sure why this works but it does...  My AP is a very stable AP and I would not see why it would "randomly disconnect" or become a "broken" connection.  But nevertheless, the secret sauce is clearly laid out on the Pi Image page ( under the section called "WLAN connection problems".
    • Open up Putty or any other SSH/Telnet client.
    • Connect to your Repetier-Server Pi.  Ex: I needed to connect to
    • Login with username "pi".
    • Password: "raspberry".
    • Type the command "sudo nano /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/manageWifiAccess".
    • Once editing the file, search for "connect)".  You can do this by pressing Ctrl+W in Putty.
    • Find the line after that which starts with "nmcli connection delete"...
    • Comment the line out by adding a # to the start of the line.
    • Exit (Ctrl+X), Save.
    • Type command "sudo reboot".
    Then try the whole adding of a WiFi AP process again.  Works like a charm.

    Side note, I also found it helpful (until I had my touchscreen installed and working great) to enable the mouse on the Pi GUI.
    • Type command "sudo nano .bashrc".
    • Once editing the file, search for "xinit -- -nocursor".
    • Comment out that line.
    • Exit (Ctrl+X), Save.
    • Type command "sudo reboot".
    This will bring back the mouse to help debug.  Want it back off, then un-comment that line again.
  • Just in case anyone needed it, I finally found out what was popping up on me and disappearing in under 1 second.

    Not that it matters any more but just thought I would share.  "Connection lost"!
  • The frontend establishes a websocket connection to server. Everytime the socket gets closed the connection lost message appears. As it states it will retry automatically until it is connected again. Typical reasons to appear is server died or internet connection to server got interrupted somehow. Server will also disconnect if there is no response after some seconds (ping alive).
  • Thanks for the followup.
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