Loss of g-code editing, and the 2-D preview does not show tool path like "host" does.

I upgraded yesterday Pro 0.90.7 - Lunos 52, and noticed that I no longer can edit my g-code on the web interface like I used to, and I miss having the tool path preview like repetier host has. The code is for RAMBo running Marlin, although it is for CNC tool paths


  • Latest version is 0.91.0 now. Server works a bit different then host and is a completely different software. Here we have the place where data is stored (pc running server) and computer running web browser. But you can still see layers and motions in 2d preview window. If you there switch to gcode you see the gcode of that layer and clicking on a line number you can delete it or add extra gcode if required. This is meant for small changes like changing temperatures, not a full edit. 3d preview will not show anything if you have no extrusions of course.
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