Pi screen partly disabled after first print

New user with latest PI server 0.90.7.  

I can use both the attached screen and web view to change temperatures, start a print etc.  But, after the first print these features are disabled on the local screen but still available on the web interface!  On the screen I can see the features but clicking simply flashes the page header and does nothing.  Moving the head does work from the screen but not disable motors.

There where two changes made.  Problems started after (but I cannot be certain if immediately after) the changes:

1. Trial ran out, local screen disabled, so purchased a license.

2. Turned on notifications to phone app.



  • Yesterday I restarted, and powered off/on the server several times.  Problem persisted.

    Today, after a night sleeping without power it works fine.

    Another mystery of the universe. 
  • At least after restart it should get it right. It might be an error that caused the interface to break partly. Anyhow, soon you get 0.91.0 where the touchscreen is compiled with newer angular version, is faster and much is changed. Hope that it then also works as wonderful as in my tests. Until then let's hope the problem does not come back.
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