Printer Resetting Mid-Print

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My Stacker S2 printer seems to reset on random prints mid-print. The printer seems to stop in random locations, with the printer at idle, the print head in the location it quit and the print job in the printer queue. I have turned on logging, but there is nothing logged almost as if the printing attempt never happened.

Any ideas or recommendation on what to check?

Printer Details:
Repetier Server - Lastest Software 90.7
Stacker Repetier Firmware



  • First go to /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/ and check the latest log to see if there was a printer disconnect. You would see printer disconnected/connected messages around the time of your stop. Maybe with timeshift depending on the clock settings. If you have a disconnect check /var/log/syslog at same timestamp. Linux can disable usb for several reasons and then print of course stops.

    If that does not show anything, enable logging for prints. At the end of log you might see a "start" which means printer restarted for unknown reasons. Might also move into console.log (enable that then too for searching). Or it might contain a fatal error.

    These are the 2 normal reasons for a stopped print.

    BTW: Next month there will be release 0.91 which supports continue after stopped print. Especially with a firmware update supporting the host rescue solution this might help at least. But of course better is to find the initial reason why it started happening. Under normal conditions i works very reliable.

    There is also a 3rd reason that might explain especially if you do never shutdown linux before unpowering. The sd card might got corrupt. If the print is not completely on disk due to such errors it would stop where linux thinks it ends. Check your history and see if server tells you print finished normally or was aborted. Normally means the end of file was reached. In that case upload a fresh image to sd card. Do not forget to remember license code and deactivate the one you stop.
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