Power Button for Raspi ?

I'm using the Raspi server with a 7'' touch screen and I like it a lot !!!
There is one significant problem though:

Once I'm done printing I usually turn off mains-power to the Printer and the Raspi.
I fully understand that just killing power to the Raspi is not a good Idea and I managed to kill the OS / SD card with all my files and configuration on it several times so far, leading to several hours of frustrating re-image and re-install work...

Is there an easy way to properly shut down the Raspi before killing power?
I'm thinking about a "shutdown" button on the touch screen.
I don't mean going into the Web-UI and doing it there, since I don't have WIFI reception where the printer is.


  • you already have that button on touch Screen. see:

    ->Server commands ->shutdown server

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