Changing css style in touchscreen application

Hi, I want to change colors in screen attached below. 

I changed ui.css in /usr/local/Repetier-Server/www/modules/front2/www/css.
For example, .sidemenu{background:##ab6f00; to .sidemenu{background:#ff0000;
I expected the sidemenu background will be change to red. After restarting server color still remains the same.

What I can do to change color of this menu?


  • Yes that was correct. Hope you used the sass template on our homepage to adjust it and not the precompiled stylesheet.

    Most likely your new css was not loaded from browser using the version in cache. Try a hard reload or clear cache or reload with dev tools open. Check in chrome debug tool if the new or old version was loaded. For 0.91 there will be a new template making compilation much easier.
  • Hi, In new Repetier Server version (0.91.2) is added new tamplate mention in your last post?
  • 0.91.2 and 0.91.1 use exactly the same code for touchscreen, so just use the 0.91.1 version.
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