Slow web page, hangs

With an uptime of 13 days, my Debian Linux box started getting massively slow on web requests. It got so bad it just never finished serving the web pages for the GUI. I was forced to cycle my printers to SD cards for prints until I got all running jobs completed, then reboot it.

Which got the web service working great, but interrupted my running print jobs (on SD) as the server reinitialized each USB port. Next time I'll unplug the USB if I have to run the printers via SD card.  I ended up loosing three prints, of ~10+ hours each due to the hangs/restart.

I did restart the apache2 service, but that had no impact. Top showed 6-10% usage, and nothing abnormal. I was unable to find anything of interest in /var/logs/

Any ideas as to what I can look for, or restart should it happen again?


  • The server is the one serving data not apache. If you use port 80 apache might just forward data but origin is coming from server.

    Have you a webcam and did you try reloading webpage? mjpg streams can be quite big and at leat for chrome I have found that it sometimes continues loading mjpg even if not visible for a while. 0.91 will have a better solution making it stop directly.

    Restarting server should help but that surely will stop all prints. It can also be a lock in server if it stops responding and is not webcam related. We have added some fixes in next release we found. In that case you should not try new web connections. Each new connection will increase threads slowing down everything. Do nothing till print is finished and restart after print is finished. 

    If you are good with linux you can follow
    and send us a full backtrace so we can analyse exactly what happened and fix it if it is an unknown reason. Start only after print is finished as it will interrupt print.
  • No webcams at the moment, couldn't get the USB ones to share the bus, so they are all disabled as I mess with a separate IP camera.

    Is there a way to restart the web interface without restarting the server process?

    I'll give your link a try, if I see it again.

  • With web interface I mean what you see in browser. So just do a reload in browser. But that is more for webcam problem.

    If you see that after a reload the content does not build up or switches between screen do not happen that the deadlock problem might have happened so you should try the link.
  • Well, it's doing it again. But with four printers going, I can't stop the server to start the debug. When I can a chance, I'll run gdb. Only up three days this time.

    I've re-loaded the web page multiple times, as well as checked with other computers and an iPad. It's the server that is super slow. Is hung right now, won't refresh the web page at all.

    Nothing of interest in /var/log/syslog.

  • Can I email you the traces and logs? To which address?

  • Check message I send you with email.
  • Well this time, it was the browser- Killing/restarting Firefox made it work fine.
    Still keeping an eye on it, and will debug/trace it when I see it again.
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