Opening STL with Repetier Host opens Repetier but doesn't load STL

I am using Reptier Host 2.1.3 on Arch Linux (installed through the user repositories here: Like the title says, when I try to open a file with Repetier Host (by double-clicking on it, when downloading it, or with the command repetierHost file.stl), Repetier Host opens but no file is loaded. It's only a minor annoyance to then go open the desired file, but it's an annoyance none the less.

This used to work on an older version if I remember correctly. I can confirm that opening the same file in the same version of Repetier Host in my windows virtual machine works as intended.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any other troubleshooting steps?

uname -r, in case that's helpful:


  • Which host version do you use on linux? With the AppImage I guess the parameter is not reaching the executeable in the end.
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