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I'm having problems with the last repetier server firmware setup. I already have Repetier Server Pro installed with the 4.9.35-V7+ (as said on my Raspberry) and it works really great.
I just wanted to test the last version but I'm unable to conect to my Raspberry through Putty as I do with the 4.9.35-V7+ version. 
When I try to boot with a HDMI screen, I see that if fails to connect and says that I son't have internet access.
What can I do ? My friend has the identical problem. 
Thanks for your support


  • You installed the new image? You need to reenter your connection informations to make it connect. Should work as you did with the other version.

    Can you describe what you did to connect, so I can follow or even replay the problem.
  • I don't remember if it was an Raspberry image or an atmel image at that time. I remember I had to setup manually something but with this new Raspberry image, I don't know how to do since I only have the Repetier start screen with serial key to enter but no internet connection and doesn't have console to manually enter some instructions...
    Could I manually enter informations in the repetier.xml file ?
  • You can enter wifi data directly on sd card, see
    You can also connect with ethernet to get ssh access and configure it in normal web interface and once wifi is working remove ethernet.

    What pi do you have? Do you have one with integrated wifi or do you use a wifi stick. In the latter case check with iwconfig if linux sees the wifi component.
  • I have a PI 3 Model B and has an integrated wifi.
    I don't understand how to access to the console since Repetier Server firmware boots to the license registration page  ...  Usually I use Putty to access.
  • Ok, on a pi 3 wifi chip is normally no issue.
    If you connect ethernet you are also connected over that interface and can login there using putty.

    In the license screen you can also switch to wifi setup. I assume you tried this already?
    Do you see your network there? Requires visible SSID.
  • Ok, I'll try that. Problem is that I also have problem with the non working touchscreen and cannot see if there is a conection.
  • Do you still have the working image? You could simply use the autoupdater to keep wifi/display setup und just update the server component.

    If you have one of the non HDMI displays you always need to install video drivers according to vendor instructions.
  • you're right. I think I  already did the autoupdate because I have an end printing message that I didn't have before 
  • But how can we able autoupdater function because I'm not sure ?
  • I main menu just select "Check for updates" and if a new version is available you can select at the bottom autoinstall. It is not really auto update as you need to start it, but it is just one click to update then.
  • Yesterday I tried to install anyway the new version with the image provided on the Repetier server website. I can't make work wlan0 with a IP address. I can see Repetier server when attached to my router through ethernet but wifi not. I validated Wlan settings in Repetier server but nothing. I tried to do sudo raspi-config and activate network wifi settings with ssid and password but nothing happens when I reboot my Raspberry. During the reboot process, I see @repetier server in the console (on the Raspberry screen) and I have to put user id and password but it doesn't start Repetier server GUI. I don't understand where I'm doing wrong. 
    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a power supply (Rasppberry 2.5 amp)
  • First to start xserver select in raspi-config to boot console with autologin. NOT graphical interface. We have modified the login to autostart xserver on login. After linux updates or if you modified it the setting can get lost.

    The default is that gui appears on hdmi screen. If you have one it should work otherwise you might need to install drivers and change some files.

    For wifi - did you set your region right? The default region does not have channels 12/13 I think it was, while e.g. in Germany they are allowed. So if your wifi uses one of these they are only working after setting right region.

  • Hello
    Yes I set the right region. I have a 3.5'' screen and I hav to download drivers to make it work. I'll check the autologin but I don't remember if I saw it ...
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    It doesn't work, autologin activated and always console ...
    Where can I find older versions other than 0.86 ?
  • https://www.repetier-server.com/download-repetier-server/
    is our download page.

    With 3.5" displays it is quite normal that only console appears. You need to configure x server to show on the display. By default it shows xserver to HDMI output. See your vendor instructions or check forum. Lately someone described it for waveshare displays I think.
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