Split Object?

I saw in some older docs that there was a "Split" option in the object management, but in 1.0.4 this option doesn't exist. I'm wanting to cut certain prints in half to print both halves on different parts of the bed. Is this an option I'm missing somewhere else in the new version, has it been phased out, or still in progress? 


  • It is still there, only a bit hidden. In object placement each object has an entry. Hit the gear and in that window you can split it.
  • How does it work though, I can't seem to split something...  the button is greyed out...
  • The split function only separates individual objects that do not share triangles into separate objects. If it is greyed out your model only has one shell.

    It is no split in the sense of making a cut through the model. More for when you have groued 5 objects into one stl you can get th e5 objects back again.
  • Ok Thanks, that's clear.  Maybe a feature for the future?  Any recommendations to which software to use to split the STL?  
  • Meshmixer is a good choise for any mesh manipulation operation and it is free. It supports this at least with boolean operations but maybe also natively.
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