Start signal not detected

Getting the message with arduino with ramps 1.4. I downloaded the latest marlin and installed. Tried all the baud rated. Update runs clean. I've tried a couple of different boards and get the same thing. Set to Com 1. Should I be able to get past this it the board is out of the printer and just hooked to the USB. I'm just trying to find out what other debug steps I can take. 


  • Yes, a naked board with firmware should still connect. It might complain defect sensors if not connected, but at least you should see it. If you use 115200 baud you should even be able to connect with arduino ide serial monitor and see the default message at startup. Hit reset button to show it again.

    If you can update firmware the communication it self must work. In host make sure that protocol is ascii or autodetect, binary will not work with marlin.
  • set both ascii and auto with same result. Using windows 10. loaded marlin 1.8.8 and drivers from ide 1.8.8, shows as version . get ascii response in Repitier log and Arduino ascii monitor when I press the start button. also Tx polling light after connect. also shows connected PRUSA in status line. any other testing options? thanks.
  • If it shows connected and you see the ascii response it should be good. Send e.g. M119 to query firmware and see if you get a list of status in log (expert mode required).
  •  I used the serial monitor just a little to verify an output from the stop button on the ramps. How do you enter expert mode. I have 1.8.8 installed, and haven't found doc on it yet, I did a search on their site, but ran into issues with the search function. Thanks. 
  • In host click on Easy button. Then you see you can enable log and in manual commands there is a text field to enter commands.
  • OK, so I decided on some old fashion shotgun troubleshooting. I loaded all the same software on a Windows 10 laptop and everything fired up fine. So I have an issue with my Windows 8.1 machine. Anything in your files on 8.1 issues that would relate? Maybe use an older firmware or driver? Thanks. 
  • Host contains no drivers. We just use com ports offered by windows, which of course depend on a driver. But these are not from us, but form the board producer resp. the company making the serial converter. Could you communicate with Arduino IDE serial monitor? If baudrate is 115200 you should see some text when board resets.

    Otherwise, why did you not upgrade to Windows 10? As far a I know it is still free to upgrade.
  • I'm trying to upgrade my Tronxy X3A which has barely worked since I got it. Apparently FTDI sabotaged the Com Port Driver which was forcibly applied through Windows Updates even tho it clearly screwed millions of people's 3D printers. FTDI then 'backed down' (which suggests it was their malevolent decision) & allegedly fixed the knobbled Driver but in my opinion there is no evidence that this claim isn't a bare faced lie. Ive been able to get Repetier FW 0.91+Host 0.9 working fully; all motor controls & Ext+Bed heating quickly so that's good (phew) and proves that the machine works with the correct Com Port Driver installed but as far as upgrading goes it seems we are being repeatedly lied to; Basically the "suggestion" that we update to Win 10 ISNT a 'request'. There was a version x.10 as well as x.8 and x.12. The stunt they pulled beggars belief. Can you imagine if millions of people bought cars made in China then POst Purchase the yanks & Brits ordered Garages everywhere to reprogramm the car's Brake Management System rendering them, unusable as a tactic designed to force people "at gunpoint" to buy their cars instead?? That's really what FTDI+Microsoft did. Ive yet to find evidence that they repaired the Driver. I'd certainly like to hear from anyone who got downloaded FTDI files working with any named recent version Repetier Host. 
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