Printer not accepting commands Push Notification

One thing that I'd really like to see, is for RS to notice that the printer has stopped accepting data for X seconds (60-120?) and send a push notification. My MK3 filament sensor may trip (valid, or invalid), or the printer may be prompting for a manual color change, but RS can't notify me. Those are the notices that are the most important to me really, as the timing is not predictable. Thank you-


  • A timeout is not so good as some operation slike heatup can also take that long.

    Does the printer in these cases send:
    // action:paused

    We could add this to be handled the same as server side pause and send a pause message.
  • I've turned on logging, and will check the next time I see it. I think that having a configurable timeout may work- I know my bed heats up in less than two minutes, so I could set my timeout to 180s. On my 10s with the slower heater, I could set it to 600s.
  • I do see the pause messages when the printer had a jammed fan:

    >  4:04:25.417: Extruder fan speed is lower then expected
    >  4:04:32.328: // action:pause
    >  4:04:32.331: Extruder fan speed is lower then expected
    >  4:04:39.209: // action:pause
    >  4:04:39.213: Extruder fan speed is lower then expected
    >  4:23:55.094: echo:busy: paused for user
    >  4:23:57.122: echo:busy: paused for user

  • I see the action pause. I think that is the better trigger then a timeout. In fact the busy tells to not timeout at all. But pause is only requested if server should shut up sending and during a print it is only on jam/filament out.
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