RPi 3 B+ and RPi 7" Touchscreen - Boots then white screen then reboots?

Hi, as the title states... I have just installed the RPi Repetier Server image onto a RPi 3 B+ which I have an official RPi 7" touchscreen connected to via the supplied ribbon and header cables. I am powering via the USB port on the RPi.

When I boot the RPi you see normal text being displayed and then when Repetier Server starts the screen gets some sort of interference like it hasn't detected the resolution correctly and then reboots. The really odd thing is that I have had it boot into Repetier Server a couple of times and been able to add my serial number but it then goes white and reboots.

Anyone got any suggestions?


  • Typical! As soon as I posted this I realised that the issue could be power related. Tried a different power supply and surprise surprise, it works fine!

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