Temperature not updating


I'm using a ramps 1.3 board with a small modification of an added ad8497 that I need for my extruder.

the thing is, the ad8497 is working fine (givign off 100mV @ 20°C...perfect). this is connected to A13 as in the schematics, te voltage is recieved by the arduino mega (mesured on the pin) 

when I start tepetier host the temperatur in manual mode does not chang and stays the same, if I disconect and reconnect to the printer the temperatur jumpes to a new valeu and then stays there until the next reconect and so on the tepmerature dysplaied is  form 120 to 270°C....... also if the extruder is switched on the mV start to go up as expected but read out stays the same and after a short time the heater is switched off because of the "uncoupled error"

any sugestion?



  • In printer settings enable "Check Extruder & Bed Temperatures" woudl be my first try.
  • YES :) this makes the diference.

    now the temperature is changing like it should.


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