extcommands generally working, but no shutdown or reboot


because it failed in compiling from git, I installed via debian package.
Now, all works fine, even the extcommands for switching on or off the printer are working

Only the shutdown and reboot does not do anything, nor helps my sweet workaround to kill the gui by external command (in wich case I could point to a shutdown.sh on the pi desktop)
log says that the extcommand was executed, but it does not do anything.
All failing commands have a 'sudo' in common, wich the working commands (gpio) does not need.

Is this an access-rights problem? How to fix it? Add RepetierServer to the sudoers or something?


  • If you read the manual it shows exactly how to add repetierserver to sudoers for this. Only if there is no passwort request the execution succeeds otherwise it might even block server functions until timeout.
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