Roadmap of new cool things.

Is there a roadmap of what cool new things are coming to Repetier? I've fully switched over from Octoprint and miss a few nice plugins that made my life way better but Repetier just works better so I'm hoping to see if what if anything is in the works for the future. 

Thank you much!


  • No, we do not really have a road map. Past has shown that often we get useful feedback from users that lead us to add this or that feature we did not even think about. If you have ideas to make life easier we are happy to hear about it. Most likely it will not be in next release but it might end up in one of the following if we have the same opinion. Here some points for the next release

    * Rescue system to continue prints after connection lost or power failure.
    * Remove z-hops in excluded regions.
    * Timelapse videos at fixed extruder positions.
    * Improved touchscreen gui.
    * Support emergency parser.
    * Improved memory manager.
    * Split long retraction in filament remove into 50mm segments.
    * Cleaner switch between job and connection log.
    * Run lua scripts to monitor pins etc.
    * Fixes in gui for unprivileged users.
    * Fix possible dead lock when using webcam.
    * Fix crash when recoding with 2 or more webcams a single print.
  • I like an those things.

    My only wishes are a better way to get notifications like via email or true push for different criteria. The app is pretty meh and sort of worked.

    There is an app called pushover that integrates with basically anything to offer really good push notifications. I used it with octoprint and it even sent an image along with the notifications.

    A bed visualizer for correcting mesh maps.

    Exclude region feature I've noticed I can't use previous layers to highlight what I want excluded. I have to wait for the region to print again then exclude it.
  • We have Repetier-Informer instead of pushover. Only image is not included.

    mesh maps are hard as there are so many different version of firmware all with different solutions. I guess at some time I will add it for repetier-firmware. That is what I can control and know best. What firmware do you have that allows changing it?

    Exclude regions - yes would in general be nice to see last layer directly.
  • It's not so much a firmware as it manually fixing it. I have Marlin running and if I can see the bed visualization I can shim under the bed to get it level.

    Basically run a bed visualizer then adjust manually and re run till the actual bed is more level.
  • Maybe I need to test with my Prusa MK3 and hope it behaves like normal marlin to understand. It is my only marlin printer with z probe.
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