add values in webcam-picture

hello again.

as i am using (most of the time) just the webcam-picture to follow a print it would be great to add some basic information either in the picture (which is may a pain in the ass to bring the information out to whatever is streaming) or have some basic information on the webcam page (bed temp, extruder temp, ETA) to do not need to switch around between the sites...


  • We have some great ideas for ui improvement for next release. Let you surprise. You will like it.
  • perfekt
  • Along this line, it would be great to have support for actual video streams instead of 1+ second increments.
  • You can have MJPG streams already. Frequency depends on your webcam or cam config if you use mjpg_streamer. You just have to enter the mjpg url in the settings.
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