How to change support infill via RepetierHost

Hey there. As the title suggest I can't seem to find an option to change support infill rate (%). I can't change it without changing the infill of the whole structure. Thus I'm having a hard time removing supports. Please Help!

Ps: I'm using tevo tarantula


  • CuraEngine under Speed and Quality and Structures.
    Slic3r under Print  - Support and Advanced.
    You can also read about it here
  • You need to set that in the slicer config files. There is no override for the support density as this normally makes no sense. 
  • Thanks a bunch
  • I really like the Repetier-Host Software I use it on my Wanhao i3 Plus, your software has helped to reduce my print time for my product and with better print results. Keep on keeping on!
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