K8200 - Configuration Problems with Repetier-Server v0.90.x - Line Number is not Last Line Number+1

Hello everyone,

since 3 years i used my K8200 3D-Printer with the software Repetier-Host v1.5.6 (for slicing and creating a gcode-file).
Then I uploaded this GCODE-File to my RaspberryPi based Repetier-Server v0.42 (https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Server).

(old config-File for the printer is attached)

Now, the first thing I did was to uninstall the old version, updated Debian Jessie (stable) to Stretch (stable) and install a new repetier-server package for debian-clients (Repetier-Server armhf 0.90.7); it's an Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with ARMv7 Processor Rev.4. Then I used the Wizard within the free-version to create a new config-file based on my old one and my personal logic.

(new config-File for the printer is also attached. Change .txt back to .xml)

It's possible to connect to the printer, set settings, see temperetures,... but there seems to be some connection-issues. It seems that some commands send from repetier-server are wrong; maybe a incompatiblity with my old Marlin v1-Firmware?

(Screenshot and Error-Logfile attached).

Maybe someone know this problem and can help me with that. Before the update, all worked fine. Many thanks in advanced and greetings from germany.



  • The Problem is fixed now. While I wrote this text to you, another idea come over me. The possible reason was:

    - loose alu heat-sink inside the case (in the meantime, the heat-sink become loose)
    - Reboot necessary (after installing new repetier-server, i don't restart the service again)

    All configuratings was ok. Maybe that will someday help another ;)
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