Printer configuration - confused

I just installed Repetier Server and I must admit I don't know what I need to do to get it connect to the host.
I mean I can connect and create profiles and click through the menus but it says the printer is off.
I create a new printer and there is the option to upload a printer configuration.
This is the first time in 4 years that I hear that Repetier saves a printer configuration as some kind of file.
There is the printer settings window in Repetier Host but how am I supposed to save or export this file?
So I created a new printer manually with the wizard but in the end it says it is offline.
So I have some questions
1. Where do I get a printer config file from? Do I need to dig through windows folders until I find some kind of xml or ini file? Can I just upload a config file that has been created with this wizard (on the server side)?
2. I manually created a printer, typing in every single information I already typed into Repetier Host some years ago. Why does the Host not just simply work with the Repetier Server (RPi Zero W connected to Printer) in that way that I just switch the connection type from serial to repetier-server and all printer settings from Repetier Host is used? Why do I need to do this a second time?
3. Why are there two Printer Settings Windows. One in the Host and one in the Server. Which one is used? Which one is obsolete? Is one obsolete?
4. Printer Config Wizard on the server (pi zero) has 3 connection types to chose from. 1. Serial 2. Pipe 3. TCP. Repetier-Host Printer Settings has 4 connection types. 1. Serial. 2. TCP 3. Virtual 4. Repetier-Server.
Why is that? Which (Host or Server) settings window is the right one?
5. Can I somehow not just only connect the Host to the Server and the Host provides all the configs I already set some time ago?


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