Timelapse - ffmpeg - input.txt

I have configured the webcam and am seeing the Picture. I am just using the jpg input mode and not mjpg. Now I want to create the timelapse and it is started but no pictures are created in the temporary folder and the input.txt file is empty.

Can anybody help?


  • I get this if the mjpg_streamer is not running. Then i see in server.log that a timeout happened and input.txt is empty preventing movie generation. So go to printer settings->webcam and make sure the url for a static link shows a image. If not url is wrong or streamer not running. Also make sure your triggers are set so it generates pictures, e.g. every layer is what I like for timelapse videos.
  • The URL is correct and I see a picture. I am on Windows. With mjpg streamer you mean Webcam XP and now Netcam Studio as Webcam XP has expired? I am not running this at the moment, as the load for the CPU is too heavy.
  • Yes, mjpg_streamer is the linux solution for jpg/mjpg from webcam.

    It is important that the software runs when you print or it will fail making snapshots. Since you stop the webcam software I'm not sur eif it was running or not and causing the error as result.
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