Strange error in G-code generated.

In Short:
The temperature in the generated g-code is 5 degrees below the value in the filament setting.

To make the problem even stranger, this is only happening on 2 windows 10 computers with a fresh O.S. and repetier host installation .
On my old faithfull testing laptop with windows 7 and an initial repetier host version 0.9 and updated over the years to 2.1.3 this problem is not present.

So in the the filament setting for Slic3r the temp is set to 250 (all layers) and on the 2 windows 10 computers the gcode goes 245.
On the windows 7 the gcode is correct to 250.

I am out of options and need some help.
Tested slic3r stand-alone and then there is no problem.
Checked all ini files for differences but nothing found.


  • It this for the whole height or only first layer? Slic3r supports a first layer temperature that could be 5°C lower. As it only calls slic3r and does no own changes it is either filament setting you selected or the init gcode script contains a -5 in the setting of extruder temperature (or the printer script maybe). In work directory is a file slic3r_settings.ini after slicing. That is the config used for slicing compiled from the parts you set as config. Check there for 5 or target temperature it sets and see where it comes from. Should be easy to find the setting from the variable name.
  • The differen was for the whole print.

    Found one setting with -5 in the print settings and changed this to 0.
    For now the problem is solved.

    I can only not recall ever setting this option.
    'standby_temperature_delta = -5'

    Thanks for the hint i need to look for -5 in the settings.

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