Repetier Host Freezing on startup

I've run RH on this PC before but after a hardware update it seems to freeze up every few dozen launches.
Thankfully I am also using octoprint so it doesn't matter in the printing process. However, I pretty much only use RH for slicing and printer management so it's quite annoying when I have to do a clean reinstall every single time. Keeping the settings results in a lock upon next launch, so could it be corrupting itself?
Running 2.1.3 on Win 10


  • You mean you need to delete the registry to make it work? In that case please send us a export of the registry when it happens again so we can analyse the problem. regedit.exe run from Windows+R and the HKCU/Software/Repetier and export that folder. You can also try if it works after deleting (after export please). If you uninstall with all settings that just means deleting that registry entry as well.
  • I have the same issue. every time I try to launch since a hardware update it fails to launch. uninstall and reinstall seems to work for a while then the same problem returns. it seems to be related to fusion 360 on my machine?
  • I cleared the window registry and now it seems to open OK
  • Fusion should not write to our part of registry. If there is some exporter it might try to read it to see if host is installed, but there is no reason to write also it could do.
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