BUG: Curaengine mixing-extruder wipetower

When I slice with CuraEngine and use a 3-way mixing extruder, all the colors use the same position for wipetower, resulting in 3xthe extrusion at the same place. This means that the counter-pressure is so high that not a lot is actually extruded for each color.

I guess they should have a tower each?

I don't know if this is your code or curaengine...?


  • As seen here: 
  • curaengine is developed by David Brahm at Ultimaker. So it is his code. Didn't know the tower works for more then 2 colors. He has a logic that works for 2 colors well, for more it can not work and separate towers would be better, I agree.
  • Can I fix this in CuraEngine and replace the DLL, or do you static link it in repetier host?
  • In the CuraPlugin directory is a CuraPlugin.exe whcih is the slicer. That is open source (curaengine at github). So you can replace it with a own version for slicing.
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