Error localhost:3344

Just joined the forum, so excuse me if this is old stuff.     Trying to download Rep Server, get error message
 Firefox can't establish a connection to the server   localhost:3344.
Advice please.


  • Did you install it on the same computer you try to open it? localhost is the compute rthe browser runs and you need the ip where oyu installed the server. I assume here you mean open when you write download.

    If it is the same computer it depends the os but in data directory (see manual) in logs/server.log you might get mor einformation why the server did not start.
  • Thankyou for your reply. Yes,installed on same computer (not this one,I have a laptop that I will dedicate to 3D only)
    I will go through the sequence of events. Firstly I downloaded Repetier Host,but read the message that I should access Rep Host through Rep Server. I removed Rep Host from my computer.
    Clicked on Rep Server in Google      went to versions........version comparison.......Repetier Server Free.......Download
       Repetier Server Windows 0.90.7...........Save File........Click on Blue Arrow.......Open File.......Allow Changes.......Welcome-Next.......Agreement.....Destination Folder.......Start Menu Folder- Accessories........Install.....
    After Repetier Server Setup has finished installing there is an error message......
    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at    localhost 3344.
    I chose Repetier for my 3D software as it had good reviews, but perhaps it is for more experienced users than myself. What do you think..
  • instead of using localhost  try with
  • Removing host is not necessary. In fact Host can connect to server for printing instead of connecting to printer directly. So it acts as an alternative frontend for the server.

    Try disabling firewall and restart server. In start menu in Repetier-Server folder is a start and stop entry. A typical problem might be that the firewall is blocking port 3344. If it works without firewall teach your firewall to allow offering port 3344.

    Our software is for all levels of users. You just have the problem that something prevents access.
  • No joy with disabling firewall.Still gets 3344 error message. Consequently I cannot open Rep Server to connect to Rep Host. Do you have any other suggestions. Do I really need Rep Server,can I not just use Rep Host ?
  • You can of course also only use the host. Just select serial connection instead of repetier-server as connector.
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