MK3 major issues

Just set up repetier server with my Prusa MK3. Whenever I print something using the server, it goes crazy on a layer change. It moves the extruder up and down maybe .02mm several times while extruding in one position (no xy change). After maybe 5 or 10 of these movements, it continues on with the rest of the layer fine. The problem is that this creates a large blob of filament at the change point (to the point that my print gets ruined).

The same exact g-code prints just fine if I print it directly from the SD card and don't use repetier.


  • Looks like it was just that one g-code file for some reason. Others are working fine
  • What you describe can happen if you exclude a reagion. The next release will filter these z moves as well as the exclude function is now more intelligent. For normal prints without exclusion I have not seen this happen on my MK3.
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