custom gcode ignored

Hi,  I'm running the RPi version of the free server, v0.90.7.  I've implemented some custom gcodes in my printer firmware (multiple controllers linked together, commands passed transparently from one to another) which work fine through Repetier Host directly connected.  For some reason, when I try to issue these through Repetier-Server, they appear to be ignored (nothing appears in log after issuing, not received by printer)

An example of a problematic command is :  M752 A8 'G28 Z'

Does the server ignore these because it sees them as invalid gcode?  If so, is there any way to make the server pass them/bypass parsing checks?



  • Being invalid code that could in deed be a problem.

    The always work version to send anything 1:1 is prepend a # to the command. This will really send it 1:1 - no checksum, no line number added.

    For smoothieware we also added a switch to detect such cases so they get send with line number and checksum. The firmware xml file contain then 


    String parameter can be quoted in " ", but would follow a letter not like in your example, so it is unclear if that works here.
  • Tested with using the # prefix and now see the command going through.  This should work for my purposes.  I appreciate the fast feedback!
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