Slicer-PE not showing user filament presets in "Slic3r tab"


I have the software installed on Windows 10. 
I am using Slic3r-PE Version 1.41.1+win64 (SPE) and Repetier-Host V2.1.3 (RH)

I have been using SPE for a while and have a set of user profiles for filaments.

When I am in the RH "Slicer" tab, I can see and select the user presets for Printer and Print, but only a handful of canned filament presets (not all)  and none of my user filament presets.  How can I correct this please?

thank you.



  • I guess you have bound them to certain printers. Then you only see the profiles matching your printer. You can change that inside slic3r in dependencies page.
  • edited November 2018
    Ah, you are right.  A newly discovered Slic3r feature for me!  Thank you.

    However, the "Compatible printers [x] All" was selected. so in theory, it should apply to all printers.  The "Compatible printers condition" did have some printers listed (not mine) so maybe that was throwing off the software?  At least I have a workaround - thank you.
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