Printer Connected but no control on P802MA printer

Printer connected, but can't control it. 

Last night I installed repetier server and started a calibration block, but a nozzle clog shut that down.  This morning, repetier server shows that it is connected to the printer, but there I have no manual control or ability to print.  The print screen shows that prints are proceeding, but nothing happens with the printer. 

I used the arduino serial monitor and I am getting messages from the printer, so I know my baud rate is 115200.  

I've tried restarting my printer, unplugging and replugging the USB to no avail.  

Any suggestions? 


  • Check log in console. If firmware goes into some error state, e.g. not heating it will ignore all commands send. You should see the message in log/console.
  • Looks like a communication error based on the console (attached), so my printer isn't responding.  Any tips on narrowing down WHY this is happening?  I've been over the COM settings a few time and I didn't notice anything wrong. 

  • Perhaps I don't have attachment privileges?  I'll paste the log here: 

    22:35:18.951: M117 Finished
    22:35:20.852: N1 M110
    22:35:20.852: N3 M115
    22:35:20.852: N4 M220 S100
    22:35:20.852: N5 M221 S100
    22:35:20.852: N6 G92 E0
    22:35:22.645: start
    22:35:22.645: echo:PowerUp
    22:35:22.645: External Reset
    22:35:22.645: Brown out Reset
    22:35:22.645: Marlin1.0.0
    22:35:22.646: echo: Last Updated: Mar 2 2016 13:59:36 | Author: (none, default config)
    22:35:22.646: Compiled: Mar 2 2016
    22:35:22.646: echo: Free Memory: 11889 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
    22:35:22.646: echo:Stored settings retrieved
    22:35:22.646: N1 G90
    22:35:22.646: N2 M82
    22:35:22.646: N3 G21
    22:35:22.655: N1 M110
    22:35:22.655: N3 M115
    22:35:22.655: N4 M220 S100
    22:35:22.655: N5 M221 S100
    22:35:22.655: N6 G92 E0
    22:35:24.776: echo:SD init fail
    22:35:53.660: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
    22:35:53.660: Connection status: Buffered:121, Manual Commands: 7, Job Commands: 0
    22:35:53.660: Buffer used:121 Enforced free byte:10 lines stored:10
    22:35:53.660: N7 G90
    22:35:53.660: N8 M82
    22:35:53.660: N9 G21
    22:35:53.678: M117 IP: (3)
    22:36:25.700: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
    22:36:25.700: Connection status: Buffered:120, Manual Commands: 1, Job Commands: 0
    22:36:25.700: Buffer used:120 Enforced free byte:12 lines stored:8
    22:37:05.664: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
    22:37:05.664: Connection status: Buffered:120, Manual Commands: 1, Job Commands: 0
    22:37:05.664: Buffer used:120 Enforced free byte:12 lines stored:10
    22:37:05.664: Warning: Too many timeouts without response - disabling timeout message!
  • What firmware type did you select when configuring the printer? You have marlin but I guess you used Repetier-Firmware which uses a protocol marlin does not understand. Just go to configuration and switch it. Baud rate and port are set correctly.
  • Just wanted to close the loop on this.  I did have marlin configured as the communication protocol.   I figured out that I must restart my PC after I have fully booted the printer.  I was restarting both at the same time, and for some reason that didn't always work. 

    So, start the printer, then reboot the PC, and it will work until the printer is powered down again. 
  • Good you found a solution, not that it should be required by any printer I have. But I know some boards have their problems and if that works, great.
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