Camera shut down / no picture

Hi Guys,
after a bumpy ride to implement a display (which finally did not work), I have just reinstalled the server in a blank install on my RPI3.
Now after it is freshly installed, the camera (HP HD4310) is only working part-time.
In fact it is working after any reboot and is well recognized.
But after some time 10-30 min. it stops working and I see the "no camera" symbol only. Sometimes it helps to just restart the cam-server, but most of the time only a reboot helps.
(Its a 1080p camera, the issue is also existing on 720p)

The weird thing is, the camera was working all the time on the original install and the problem only came after the re-install. 
Both times the server is on the most actual version.
Any ideas?


  • Try editing config.txt

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    and remove at the end these 2 lines:



    after a long search with an other user having 2 webcams it showed that this was causing problems. Seems like dwc2 uses too much bandwidth so webcams can get problems.
  • I'll try & reboot after the print, thank you!

  • Seems to be working! Thank you!
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