XP installation failure

From the documentation it appears Repetier-Server should run on XP-32bit.   I am attempting to install on my Acer Aspire One netbook running XP.  The install looks to go ok, but when it tries to launch the service at the conclusion, XP provides a crash report window and the service fails to start.  Also when I try the Start and Stop programs I get the same crash.  This looks like a pretty fundamental failure.

I am looking for confirmation from anyone who can successfully install and run the latest release in XP so I can determine if it is my problem or something in the latest release.



  • I've been trying to install it on my XP computer. I get the same error. The Repetier Server Start shortcut won't do anything. The installation is supposed to make a service that runs in the background but t isn't in the list of services I have. Maybe the question is how do I add the service we need to the list?
  • I've installed Repetier Server v0.65 to my XP netbook too but have the same problem with the service not been installed. But I don't get any (error) messages at all. When I tried to execute the binary files RepetierInstaller.exe, RepetierServer.exe and RepetierRenderer.exe in the program directory manually I've got the error message "... is not a valid Win32 executable".
  • Same problem... WinXP SP3, Start Server crash, tried both 0.70.1 and 0.65 ... 
  • I'm running 0.70.1 on an XP netbook without problem.
  • I think it depends on the processor xp runs on. If that is very old it might not have the SSE extensions the compile seems to use.
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