auto resume after computer/printer shutdown. compact view mode.

my first idea for a feature request is a auto resume after computer power failure or printer power failure. Repetier software can save a file that deletes the lines as it sends it to printer. resume from temporary partially deleted file to complete print. no more failed prints due to BSOD or windows update. if the printer fails, Repetier software can calculate the distance the z axis has to move before hitting the endstop. resume print from that Z level.

another idea is to have a compact view mode that is no more complicated than the actual lcd of the 3d printer. the view should be limited to progress bar and buttons to control the power to extruder, heat bed. no sliders to accidentally click on and when you power off the extruder or bed during print a dialog box asks you if you are sure. here is a quick mock up of what im thinking of. obviously it would need a button to return it to full view mode.


  • We are already working on the resume function for our repetier-server (which can also be used as printer daemon from host). Will see how good it works.

    For compact view I'd rather make a new window. Modifying main window is too complicated. Have it put on my ideas list for new features.
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